Certificate in Canine First Aid

This veterinary approved and accredited online course is suitable for dog owners or pet professionals, e.g. dog walkers, vet nurses, groomers, dog carers, dog trainers/behaviourists, etc, fulfilling continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. Covering a range of topics with video demonstrations, downloads to keep, tutor help if you need it and a final accredited course certificate.

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Dog Car Ramp

The concussion to the joints and surrounding tissue is massive when a dog jumps into, and more so out, of a car boot.
It is good practice to use a ramp for all medium to large dogs from an early age to prevent this unnecessary repetitive wear.
**A must for dogs that already have joint disease.**
Some training is required to help them to use it but we are here to help and give advice.
This particular ramp is the one we choose as it is lightweight, strong and grippy. Can also be used for steps into the garden etc.

Voyager Harness with handle

We get a lot of interest in the harnesses we use.
We choose these ones as there is an additional buckle at the front which means you don’t have to pick a leg up and manhandle the dog to fit it well.
The weight is spread out nicely, they are padded and comfortable and the large handle on the back means they are great for dogs who needs extra stability when walking, using steps, forelimb issues etc.
The strong d-ring means it can be used as a walking harness and a car harness.
Operation K9 - Canine Hydrotherapy North Yorkshire Arthritis

Introducing Canine Arthritis Management

A non-profit organisation run by vets, nurses and rehab professionals. Their passion is to educate owners and colleagues on the disease to help dogs live a longer, healthier life free from pain.

An excellent source of information from signs and symptoms to treatment options and end of life care.

Learn about how to adapt your home to suit your dog’s condition and other tips and advice from dedicated professionals

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