Healthy Pet

Dog Hydrotherapy is not only about getting your pet back to health after injury or operation. Just like adults, regular hydrotherapy exercise & dog Physiotherapy has enormous benefits too, physically and mentally.

As a dog owner, the health and wellbeing of our pets are important to us.

We all have a responsibility to our dogs, to ensure that they are healthy and enjoy high standards of care and wellbeing.

At Operation K9 we offer a range of services to make sure you have a healthy pet.

From puppies to senior dogs, we have something that will keep their bodies and minds healthy, including exercise and diet information from our team of qualified professionals, to Hydrotherapy sessions & Physiotherapy sessions for dogs with our experienced Hydrotherapists & Physiotherapy team. Keep those joints moving with sessions that keep your dog's weight under control with exercise that won't impact on your dog's natural growth.

Check out also our range of healthy dog food and healthy natural treats from CSJ Dog Food to keep them in tip-top condition.

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