Age is not a disease

There are many more treatment options available for the senior dog now than there ever have been.

At Operation K9 we are happy to be able to offer you the most up to date complimentary therapies available.

  • This ebook provides you with the information, answers and options you need to keep your senior dog happy at home.
  • Giving you the tools to help you provide your senior dog with a longer, happier and healthier life.
  • Easy-to-read guide about health care for the ageing dog
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Hydrotherapy options

Hydrotherapy Pool

Due to the Buoyancy of the water, swimming in a Hydrotherapy pool is a great Non-Weight bearing exercise that takes all of the weight from those aging joints which cause many senior dogs discomfort

When we see a dog that is suffering from age related arthritis, we ensure we assess and treat the whole body. Although certain areas may be effected, weight can be transferred around the body, causing secondary issues

Treatment in warm water utilises buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance, temperature and viscosity. These properties of water ensures blood flow to the joints and muscles, flushing of toxins, improvement in range of movement and muscle mass all under an easier, buoyant environment for the dog

During these 30-minute exercise sessions, one of our Experienced, Qualified and registered Hydrotherapists will fit your dog with a harness or buoyancy aid to enable them to be in control of your dog at all times.

We introduce them to the pool via our incline ramp up to and into the pool. Once your dog is comfortable and has had a little massage to warm those joints up, they will then start your dog's controlled hydrotherapy exercise program

Underwater Treadmill

Exercise in our water treadmill gives us even more options when it comes to us looking after your dog and helping them to keep mobile. Some dogs are not comfortable being out of their depth and we will not force a situation they are not happy with

The water treadmill gives us a large degree of control and variables to assist the best possible gait from your dog. The level of the water depends on what we are trying to achieve but as a rule, the higher the water the more the buoyancy, the lower the water the more the resistance

We adapt the conditions to enable repetition of the best possible gait. This allows activation of the muscles needed to maintain this on land

Our Hydrotherapists are once again in the treadmill with your dog at all times giving them confidence whilst at the same time making sure they are getting therapeutic, controlled exercise

Alternative Therapies

Whilst Hydrotherapy may not be suitable for all dogs, it is important to be able to offer alternative treatments to aid your dog in their senior years. At Opertation K9 we strive to be able to offer services for all dogs and Physiotherapy, Pulse magnetic Therapy or Laser treatment are excellent options for your dog. These treatments can also work alongside Hydrotherapy to provide an all-round exercise and rehabilitation service.

Why not visit our Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy pages to find out more about these excellent services.

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