Identifying lameness is essential to prescribe pro-active, conservative treatment plans.

This state of the art piece of equipment is a digital pressure plate that measures how much body weight is being transferred through each leg.

An essential part of a wellness program – these objective measurements track the history of a patient’s stance and alert you to abnormalities.  When a change is detected, we use this data to support your recommendations for additional Veterinary diagnostics, exercise and home adaptations, complimentary therapy, or other treatment options.

Objective measurements of lameness are also important to track during a prescribed treatment plan.  We can monitor the status of the patient’s stance on a regular basis to ensure that our treatment plan success is supported by data.

Communicating a physical exam findings can be a challenge, especially if what we are seeing and feeling is not visually obvious.  The Stance Analyzer allows us to share a colourful printed report that highlights how a pet is bearing weight on each limb to ease the discussion with the owner

Stance analysis is included in the price of the initial assessment and will be continued to be used along the rehabilitation journey.

Data only readings can be performed for Vets, therapists and for information purposes for non-clients for a fee

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