New for 2021 we now have a new piece of kit that allows us to collect accurate data to evaluate lameness and weight bearing of our patients.

Utilising the Companion Stance Analyser in our clinic has taken our lameness evaluations to the next level.  By providing objective measurements, we will be able to see how a patient is shifting his or her weight in order to determine which limb, or limbs, are affected.  This data allows you to better communicate to the pet owner what the next step is going to be for the pet.

This can be used as a one off reading for data only purposes to communicate to the Vet, or integrated into the treatment plan to allow to adapt treatments as necessary and keep an eye on progress.

It can also be used for dogs not under our care, breeders, show dogs, working dogs etc to monitor longer term injuries to help manage the condition.

No Veterinary Referral is required for this service only. (cost applies)


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