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  • Healed LED Therapy Wrap

    LED Therapy Repairs & Recharges Damaged Cells

    Red Light Therapy works by giving energy to our cells in a really clever way. It’s like giving a power boost to tiny cell parts called mitochondria, often referred to as the ‘powerhouses’ of the cell – similar to how a battery recharges. These mitochondria are in almost all animals. When they soak up the light from the therapy, they start a process that creates more energy in a form that’s easy for cells to use. This boost in energy helps the cells, tissues, and body systems to work better and more energetically.

    How Red Light Therapy Helps:
    • Relieve Joint Pain & Stiffness
    • Enhance Blood Circulation
    • Drug-free, Natural Healing
    • Calm & Relax Anxious Pets
    • Promote Skin and Coat Health
    • Speeds Up Recovery

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  • Pet First Aid Kit


    Make sure you are ready to deal with accidents while on a road trip or on the trail with this comprehensive, 50-piece first aid kit comes complete with a first aid guide specifically developed for treating dogs. Compact, easy to store and always essential. Every dog owner should have one, or two

    Veterinary Nurse approved

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