• Whilst every care is taken of the dogs undergoing treatment, and in the maintenance of the water and equipment – all dogs receive hydrotherapy treatment entirely at their owners’ risk.
  • All patients being treated at Operation K9 Ltd are to have had written permission by their vet or orthopaedic surgeon. This form needs to reach us before or at the initial session. (includes fitness/fun sessions).
  • Payments for all services are due on, or before the day of the booked session. Payments can be made via cash or debit card or prompt BACS payment (same day). Invoices and receipts are printed upon request.
  • We do not accept direct insurance claims although we will assist in the reimbursement of fees from your insurance company. Our centre and staff are IRVAP (ICH) registered.
  • The length of the session will vary depending on the needs, ability, condition, environmental factors and fitness of the dog and will be determined by the hydrotherapist. The price of treatment does not alter according to the length of session.
  • We accept that, on occasions, booked sessions may have to be cancelled or changed by owners or indeed Operation K9 Ltd. In such circumstances and provided we are notified at least 24 hours in advance no charge will be made. If an appointment is cancelled or changed within 24 hours a charge of £10 will be added to your account to cover lost income and expenses. Should a client fail to inform us in advance and fails to attend for the pre booked appointment, then the full session fee will be charged. Operation K9 Ltd will make all efforts to contact owners if an appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, but will not accept liability for any losses or damage. Please make sure we have all your contact details if this does occur, likely because of water quality, temperature, cancellations or extreme weather.
  • No animal with an infectious or contagious condition will be treated at Operation K9 Ltd. If your bitch comes into season, you must inform us as she will be unable to attend any booked hydrotherapy sessions, until her season is over.
  • It is important that you do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior (or as directed by the therapist) to a booked hydrotherapy session and you will be given specialist advice for protocols to follow after your session.
  • It is the owner’s full responsibility to ensure their dog is fully toileted before attending their appointment and to clear up after their dog. A charge of £50 can be issued for defecating in the pool or treadmill, to cover the costs and time of a deep clean, lost income, water refilling and chemicals.
  • Operation K9 Ltd takes no responsibility for any damage, theft or injury caused to persons using their facilities or persons on our property.
  • Our staff will not tolerate abuse of any kind. Therapists can refuse treatment if they feel uncomfortable or threatened at any time
  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times and cats in a secure basket on the property. Although your dog may be generally well behaved, there could be other injured animals at the centre which could be overwhelmed or hurt by normal friendly dog behaviour.
  • The centre at Sherburn is next to our family home. Please consider this when moving around the outside space and close gates and doors behind you. There are available toilet facilities at both centres.
  • Parking is available but cars and contents are parked entirely at your own risk. Please be mindful and respectful of other motorists and clients when parking.
  • Please clean up after you dog

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